Joint WB-ILO Research

office worker at her computerActionable Research on Jobs Window

Activities under this window focus on implementing rigorous research that centers on key policy questions around macro and micro dynamics of the private sector, labor markets, social protection programs, and the role of technology in the evolving demand for jobs. Implementation of these activities support the ILO-WB Joint Research Program on Job Creation and Shared Prosperity.  The window is limited in duration and finances selected research led by either organization.  Results from this research will inform policy and program design at the country level, as well as the design and implementation of activities in the other windows. The research is based on a call for proposals that will be selected based on high technical quality and country relevance.  The selection of proposals is done by a joint committee.

Research will be organized around key themes, and can be informed by emerging questions and challenges that surface from the operational activities in other windows. This further ensures the policy relevance and action oriented nature of the research. The selection of papers and the allocation of resources are determined by the quality of the submissions and their expected contributions to the understanding of the issues.  Based on the quality of the proposals submitted, not all themes may be covered; however, the activities are expected to be organized under seven pillars.

  1. Changing nature of work
  2. Impact of Social Protection Programs on Employment, Growth and Productivity
  3. Job creation and firms’ dynamics, including trade-off between productivity and jobs
  4. Shared Prosperity, Inequality and the Functioning of Labor Markets
  5. Private Sector Development Solutions (Policies and Programs) and Job Creation
  6. Labor Market Dynamics for Disadvantaged Populations
  7. Expanding Labor Demand and Job Creation

The research will be included in the World Bank Policy Research Working Paper series and submitted for publication.  Work will also be disseminated through seminars, conferences, blogs and policy notes summarizing the key messages, and will be part of the cross fertilization of learning envisaged across windows with a view to nuance and refine ongoing activities where relevant.