New Directions on Jobs


The Jobs Umbrella MDTF seeks to expand the evidence base on the ability to create more, better and inclusive jobs with a strong focus on gender. Key areas outlining the new directions are:

  • Firm Dynamics and Value Chains: Expanding access to markets, raising firm productivity and promoting entrepreneurship;
  • Informality:  Increasing the productivity, earnings, and quality of the jobs that exist in the informal sector where most of the poor work;
  • Spatial Mismatch: Addressing spatial barriers that separate people from jobs and affect labor mobility across regions and between sectors;
  • ICT: Harnessing the power of new information and communication technologies to expand access to and develop new markets, raise productivity, and enable more employers and workers to connect;
  • Youth: Equipping young people with skills needed for wage employment, self-employment and entrepreneurship and promoting productive entrepreneurship;
  • FCV: Creating employment in situations affected by fragility, conflict, violence, instability and uncertainty: from understanding firm and household behavior in fragile environments to fostering a job-creating sustainable recovery.

The Spring 2016 Call for Proposals describes the process and these focus areas in more detail.