Activities Underway

Activities financed by Jobs Umbrella MDTF Underway--as of March 2016

Activities financed by Jobs Umbrella MDTF Underway–as of March 2016

The Jobs Umbrella MDTF was set up in December 2014 integrating smaller, related endeavours focusing on Jobs under an encompassing umbrella. As such, the 5 windows of the Umbrella fund were created:

  • Window 1: Diagnostics, Strategies, and Operations.
  • Window 2: Let’s Work Program
  • Window 3: Jobs and Youth
  • Window 4: Jobs in Fragile and Conflict (FCV) States
  • Window 5: Joint Actionable Research Program on Jobs

In May 2015, the Jobs Umbrella MDTF financed a first Call for Proposals under three of the windows: (i) Data, Diagnostics, Country Strategies; (ii) Jobs and Youth; and (iii) Jobs in the FCV Context. 29 activities were selected from 167 submitted proposals. Details on activities by Window are available here.

In December 2015, the Jobs Umbrella issued a second Call for Proposals23 activities were selected from 140 proposals.

The Let’s Work Program under Window 3 encompasses 3 Pillars:

  • Country Pilots, with 7 country activities underway in Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania, Paraguay, Western Balkans, Tunisia, and Paraguay.
  • Generating new methods and approaches focusing on sector-specific diagnostics.
  • Knowledge dissemination with the Systematic sharing of best practice knowledge from the first two pillars.

Window 5, the Joint Actionable Research Program on Jobs, is a joint World Bank-ILO program which has completed the selection process on its limited call for proposals in December 2015. Individual grants and associated deliverables are underway.