Tackling Childcare: working parents face several challenges in accessing decent childcare.

Jobs Umbrella Multidonor Trust Fund Annual Report 2017 (English)

MDTF Annual Report

When it comes to measuring jobs, the need to refine traditional tools with new methods

In addition to correctly measuring the jobs directly generated from interventions and investments, development agencies also need to estimate the resulting indirect impacts and general equilibrium effects. These are hard to measure. My recent blog highlighted the progress that donors, international financial institutions, and other multilateral agencies are making in developing standardized tools to measure these impacts.

Understanding value chains to drive job growth

Kassala, Sudan: Mohammed Abdel Ati Alhusein’s is a successful business owner in Kassala the capital of Kassala State in eastern Sudan. He bought himself one brick-making machine and used a microfinace loan to purchase the rest. Photo: Salahaldeen Nadir / World BankLet’s Work, a global partnership of over 30 organizations, is piloting tools that can help Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) measure the impact of private sector investments on jobs.

One of the measurement methods being developed by the Partnership is the Jobs in Value Chains Survey tool.

Partnering to measure impacts of private sector projects on job creation

Through the Let’s Work Partnership, progress has been made in defining the measurement agenda so that DFIs can improve accountability to stakeholders by not only measuring jobs in a consistent and more robust way, but also along more nuanced  dimensions: number of jobs gained, the quality of those jobs, and who gets those jobs.

In Zambia, agribusiness creates potential for job growth

The World Bank Jobs Group Zambia team recently met with government, private sector, development partners and civil society representatives to share the work it has been doing on jobs diagnostics and value chain analysis, and consult on the preparation of an action plan for jobs based on these analytical pieces.

Let’s Work Aggregator Pilot in Mozambique Moves Ahead

Let’s Work is financing a pilot program on agriculture aggregator models. The models combine individual smallholders into larger groups to meet the demands of commercial markets and link them to businesses.

How do we measure jobs? Interview with Alvaro Gonzalez

Jobs are key to ending poverty and development practitioners, policymakers, academics, and business leaders agree that measuring jobs is important.

An Integrated Framework for Jobs in Fragile and Conflict Situations

Creating good, inclusive jobs is particularly crucial in situations affected by fragility, conflict, and violence. Jobs drive growth and are key to poverty reduction. They can also help promote social cohesion and stability. The Integrated Framework for Jobs in Fragile and Conflict Situations aims to improve World Bank Group support in expanding job opportunities in contexts of fragility.

Detailing the World Bank’s Jobs Agenda

An ambitious plan to help create more, better and inclusive jobs through a combination of targeted projects and analytical research tools.

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